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We produce sand casting products for motorcycle, diesel engine, hydraulic components, water pump, and machinery. We support 3 kinds of sand casting techniques:
  Green Sand Casting
  Resin-bond Sand Casting
  Shell Mold for high precision
The casting materials we work with include:
  Gray Iron   Ductile Iron   S.G. Iron   Steel   Non-ferrous
We have a tight network of sand casting foundries that have proven their quality standards to us through past cooperation. Some of them are listed below:
Foundries:   Factory1   Factory2   Factory3   Factory4   Factory5
For automotive:   Factory1   Factory2   Factory3   Factory4    
Shanghai Sourcing adds value in the process through:
(1) Fluent technical communication in English. In our experience, most foundries in China need a lot of help in this area.
(2) We provide an extra layer of quality control for you. For example, we run independent chemical composition and mechanical strength analysis.
(3) We also have CNC machining expertise/ resources that many foundries lack.

Last by not least, we offer highly competitive price. Give us a try; please send RFQ/ drawings by emailing .
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