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Factory Name:   Huludao Lianhuashan Foundry
Year of Establishment:1955         Quality System:ISO9001         Capacity:10000tons/year
Material:   alloy iron, gray iron, ductile iron
Main Products:   small or medium size of alloy iron casting, gray iron casting and ductile iron casting, and the castings for the compressor of refrigerator and air-condition, heat-treatment of vacuum oven.
The factory professionally produces the castings for the compressor of refrigerator and air-condition. It also can produce casting heat-treatment for vacuum oven. Main production equipments are in four groups, the first group is for casting production, it includes 2110 DISAMATIC molding line, electric furnaces and hot-blst cupola, apron conveyor shoot blast machine and barrel shot blast machine. The second group is for casting machining, it includes digital and normal lathe, milling machine. The third group is for heat-treatment, it includes ZCY-65 vacuum positive pressure oil gas hardening furnace and ZR-48/300 vacuum temper furnace. The main testing equipments are ARL spectrometer from Switzerland, iron temperature monitoring instrument, sand testing equipment, Metallographic microscope, hardness instrument and material strength test machine.




Arl Metal analyser Metallography microscope aterial strength experiment machine Sclerometer


Disa mill model machine Disa mill sand mixing machine Electric stove of intermediate frequency Towering stove of the warm air
Throw the pill clearing up machine NC Machine Tool Numerical control milling machine Heat Treatment Equipment
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