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Factory Name :   Dongfeng(Shiyan)Automobile Foundry
Year of Establishment:  1984           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  20000tons/year
Material:   aluminum, alloy iron.
Main Products:  flywheel, engine Series of castings, flywheel housing, reducing gearbox-case unit assembly, differential housing unit assembly.
Dongfeng(Shiyan)Automobile Foundry Go,Ltd mainly produces automobile castings. The new high-tech enterprise concurrently engages in machining parts of the automobile. Products are used to DFL, DongFeng Cummins, DongFong citroen and arlisle etc.


Commins C flywheel Citroen flywheel Engine Series of castings
Flywheel housing Reducing gearbox-case unit assembly Differential housing unit assembly

Production process :

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65-69 Bailang West Road, Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China.
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