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Factory Network

Factory Network as of April, 2009
  Factories Identified (Provided Quotations) Factories Qualified (Visited On-site)
Sand Casting >200 About 72
Large Casting (Sand or Lost Foam) >20 About 15
Investment Casting >100 About 20
Centrifugal Casting >50 About 7
Die Casting >100 About 30
Gavity Casting >50 About 15
Low Pressure Casting >50 About 20
Steel Forging >100 About 30
Aluminum/ Copper Forging >50 About 10
Mold Makers >150 About 60
CNC Machining Shops >200 About 60

Sample Factories:

 Sand Casting in China
(Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Non-ferrous,Resin sand/ shell mold)

     Yong Chang Machinery Factory.
     Weifang Hongxing Casting Factory
     Huludao Lianhuashan Foundry.
     Cixi Huili Machinery & Electric Factory.

Investment/ Lost Wax Casting in China
(Silica sol for high precision, sodium silicate for low precision)
     Ningbo Wanguan Precision Casting Factory.
     Ningbo Daming Casting Factory.
     Shanghai Heqing Casting Factory.
     Gaoming Ligang Precision Casting Factory.

Die Casting (Aluminum, Zinc)
     Guangdong Hongtu Technology Factory.
     Zhuhai Rongtai Precise Die-Casting Factory.
     Cangzhou Shengxing metal Factory.
     Ningbo Beilun Daqi Jiehong Mould Foundry.

Gravity Casting and Low Pressure Casting (Non-ferrous, Permanent Mold)
     Ningbo JinTai Machine Mould Factory
     Yuhuan Alking Machinery Co.,Ltd
     Ningbo Haijun Metal Co., Ltd

Automotive Casting   
     Shanghai Li Da Casting Factory.
     Shandong Huxi factory.
     Dongfeng(Shiyan)Automobile Foundry.
     FAW Foundry.

Centrifugal Casting
     Jiangsu Petrochemical Equipment Factory.
     Yantai Zhongtuo Alloy Steel Casting Factory.
     Kunshan City Xiangda Light Industry Machinery Casting Factory.