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Factory Name :   Yantai Zhongtuo Alloy Steel Casting Factory
Year of Establishment:  2000           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  5000tons/year
Material:   copper, aluminum, alloy iron, stainless steel.
Main Products:  melting pot, hard wearing bulb, bush, sink roller, sink roller assembly, spray head for cement plant, high pressure reduction pot, seamless steel tubes, glass rolls ,rotate hub, hearth rolls
The company engages in producing all kinds of high-temperature casting tubes, deformed piece, and erosion proof, wear well and heat-resisting alloy by centrifugal casting, lost pattern casting and precision casting. The company is especially good at producing large-bore spun cast pipe (max diameter 2,000mm) and large static cast piece (max weight 5,000kg). Our products are widely applied in petrifaction, metallurgy, power, building material, coal, ship, medicine, environment protection, nuclear and paper-making machinery industry. This company was transformed from a Shandong Jining based state-owned enterprise, which had dealt with special alloy steel casting for nearly 30 years. Now the company has nearly 100 arc furnaces, medium frequency induction furnaces, centrifugal casting machines, lost pattern casting production lines, large imported direct reading spectrometers, and all kinds of machine work lathes, boring machines and milling machines. Our stuffs have developed ZTHJ serial erosion proof and wear well alloy with scientific and research institutes, which are applied in sinking roll and permanent roll of sheet-galvanizing line, aluminum plating line and aluminum-zinc-silicon line, whose life is 5 times that of common products. With advanced equipments, intelligent management, the company provides first-class products and services.

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Xiejiazhuang Industrial Park, Laishan Economic Development Area, Yantai, Shandong Province.
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