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Factory Name:   Xiangda Light Industry Machinery Casting Factory
Year of Establishment:  1989           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  2000tons/year
Material:   copper, aluminum, alloy iron, stainless steel.
Main Products:   vacuum roller rehabilitation cylinder, steel castings, all kinds of machinery parts
Production of centrifugal casting in diameter, 200mm-2000mm range specifications, length 100-7000mm, the largest one-piece to a maximum weight of 15 tons. It has 3200KVA transformers, intermediate frequency furnace 1t, 3t, 5t, 8t, one Taiwan, all, box-type furnace (EAF) three, Germany Spike spectrometer, universal material testing machine and a full set of tensile testing equipment.

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the west side of State Road 312 .Kunshan City, Henan Province.
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