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Part Name Pictor Technique Description
1.Cylinder body
China Casting

Low pressure casting and Ordinary casting process,the former can get good looking and dimension consistency, compact texture, can bear high pressure, but the mold cost is relatively high.

2.Valve China Casting The resin sand casting can well guarantee the dimension precision and surface finishing in order to minimize the allowance for finish. It can also avid or decrease the chances of having casting defects.  
3.Cylinder cap
China Casting
The cylinder cap are with complicated shape and inner cavities and which are not convenient for machining.Flow line casting process. melting in cupola furnace or electric furnace or gang operated,etc.
4.Pump body
China Casting
low pressure casting process
All different types of small sized and big sized low pressure casting machines, electric furnaces.
5.Connect claw
China Casting
The material are carbon steel or stainless steel . Water glass investment casting is suitable for making the products with weight ranging from a dozen grams to 150kgs.
Silica sol casting is suitable for making the products with weight ranging from seveal grams to 50kgs.
China Casting
Use Low pressure casting or investment casting process.
7.Bearing block
China Casting
Selected reasonably the casting technological parameter and manufacture step, such
as shrinkage factor,allowance,gating system,riser head,chemical composition and melting,etc.
All parts will be inspected with mechanical property,nondestructive inspection,dimension inspection and so on. The parts can meet fully the requirement of customers.
8.Floor drain
China Casting
All kinds of floor drain:quadratic form floor drain,round floor drain,etc.
9.Cylinder liner
China Casting
The cylinder liner is cylindrical parts,mainly use centrifugal casting process ,which Advantage: can make the parts with compact texture, the casting process is fast.
China Casting
Clay sand casting, water glass casting, melting in cupola furnace or electric furnace or diesel furnace,etc.
11.Hub China Casting Normally this part is made in clay sand casting process ,because the process is a economical casting process and also can meet the requirement of parts.
12.Turbine shell
China Casting
Use resin sand casting process.
China Casting
All kinds of joint:pipe joint,K form joint,L form joint,quickly joint,revolving joint.
China Casting
15.Connecting rod China Casting  
China Casting
The main material of hinges copper,stainless steel and alloy steel .etc.
17.Flange China Casting  
18.Discharge pipe
China Casting
Use resin sand casting process and metal pattern,do water pressure test.
19.Valve body
China Casting
20.Machine tool body China Casting Length:several meters to 18 meters.
21.Machine worktable
China Casting
Resin sand casting, melting in cupola furnace or electric furnace. Different dopes will be applied.
22.Crank shaft China Casting By ordinary casting process:which can get high precision and consistency,low cost,suitable for large quantity production.
23.Shaft housing China Casting By ordinary casting or centrifugal casting process.
24.Presser plate China Casting  
25.Machine upright post China Casting Which are relatively lower required for the appearance and surface,clay sand casting, water glass casting, machine mold,melting in cupola furnace or electric furnace or diesel furnace,etc.Weight: several dozen kgs to 85tons.
26.Belt pulley
China Casting
27.Gear China Casting Which1.If produce a small number of parts:It is reasonable to use sand sastin process,and then machinin.
2.If mass production:May use lost was casting process.
3.If produce a large quantity parts:Use die Forging Hydraulic Press precision warm forging process and then machining,this way is high efficiencyhigh quality and low cost.
28.Cam shaft China Casting The cam shaft is one of main parts of engine,at current stage , the main material of can shaft is chilled cast iron.
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