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Factory Name:   Zhuhai Rongtai Precise Die-Casting Factory
Year of Establishment:  2005           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  9000tons/year
Material:    aluminum, zinc.
Main Products:   automobile components, auto A/C compressor, motorcycle, brake and suspension system.

Main Equipments

Equipment Name Quantity desciribe
die casting machine 30 350-1600T
CNC center & lathe 60 0.01 mm precision
secondary operation heat treatment, shot blasting  

Equipment photos

China CastingChina Casting
        Die casting machine         CNC machining center & CNC lathe

Die casting production

China Casting China Casting
   Automoblie components       Automoblie components
China Casting
    Automoblie components
China Casting
                Auto A/C compressor
China Casting
China Casting                  

China Casting
Brake and suspension system


   Contact Us:
Pingbei Road, Nanping Hi-tech Industries Area, Zhuhai, Guangdong Provice .
Please email us at or send us an .

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