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 Factory :   Wuxi Jintong Foundry
Year of Establishment:  1996           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  15000tons/year
Material:   ductile iron, aluminum, stainless steel.
Main Products:   printing machine parts, petrochemical machine parts, machine tools, cylinder of compressor, ship-used supercharger, as well as high quality ductile castings.
The company adopts Chinese standard HT200、HT250、HT300、QT400-15、QT450-10、QT414-18、QT500-7、QT600-3、QT700-2 ;American standard:A48、A278、A395、A536 and Japanese standard FC and FCD. the products have approved by many international companies such as Dresser Rand from USA ,Ingersoll-Rand ,KHI ,Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Shimadzu and Mitsu Shipbuilding Company from Japan ,and B&W from Germany ,and been exported to Germany 、USA and Japan. ABS from USA,GL from 2006 .

Main equipments

Equipment Name Quantity Tolerance Surface Finish Roughness
CNC Lathe 29 0.01mm 1.6
CNC Machining Center 9 0.01mm 1.6
Meter Lathe 2 0.03mm 1.6
Milling machine 1 0.03mm 1.6
Lathe 2 0.02mm 1.6
Grinding machine(outer circle) 2 0.002mm 0.8
Grinding machine(inner circle) 1 0.002mm 0.8
Grinding machine(plane) 1 0.002mm 0.8
Drill press 3    
Ultrasonic cleanout machine 1    

Equipment Pictures
China Casting China CastingChina Casting
 The Workshop           CNC Machining Center   CNC Machining Center
China Casting
 CNC Lathe     

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