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Factory Name:   Shandong Huxi factory
Year of Establishment:  2005          Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  40000tons/year
Material:   alloy iron, aluminum, stainless steel.
Main Products:  differential housing, brake drums, auto wheel hub, transmissons, engine cylinder block. holder, brake ungula.
The products are popular in China and sold to Japan, Germany, Southeast Asia, etc. We have advanced equipments, strict quality control system, high technique supporting. We equipped 2 sets of 6t Non-core medium freqency lnduction melting Furnace (one for two) in the melt department. The production line of the moulding department is the domestic moilding lines, which automatic moulding and automatic pouring device.
Differential housing series:
Brake drums series:
Auto wheel hub series:
Transmissons series:
Engine cylinder block series:
Holder series:
Brake ungula series:
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