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 Factory :   Precision Machining Casting promise Foundry
Year of Establishment:  2001          Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  8000tons/year
Material:   stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy iron.
Main Products:   precision stamping castings, precision non-standard parts design, precision of motor rotor and stator mold.
The company manufactures precision castings, designs and manufactures precision non-standard parts and precision of motor rotor and stator mold.

Main equipments

Equipment Name Quantity Tolerance Surface Finish Roughness
CNC Machining Center 6 0.005mm 0.8
CNC Lathe 12 0.01mm 0.8
The CNC for incision 2 0.03mm 1.6

Equipment Pictures

China Casting China CastingChina Casting
 The Workshop           CNC Lathe       CNC Lathe
China Casting China CastingChina Casting
 CNC Lathe        CNC Machining Center  The CNC for incision  
China Casting
 CNC Machining Center

   Contact Us:
Fujian Shishi City, Fujian Province, China Shi lian west Tongda Industrial Park Rd on the 7th.
86+0595 88683100
Please email us at or send us an .

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