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 Factory :   Jingzhou Universal Precision Machining Factory
Year of Establishment:  2007           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  15000tons/year
Material:   aluminum, stainless steel, alloy iron.
Main Products:   Optical assembly & accessories, Precision machining, Stage lighting, Metal parts machining, Metal parts machining, Metal parts machining, Optical element.
Well funded and managed, Universal Precision Machining Co., can carry out numerous operations with an array of CNC and conventional machinery as well as precision pressure die casting machines to make high quality, precision machined and die cast mechanical parts. To make sure that exacting standards are maintained, we have a QC department with a myriad of testing equipment and the personnel with the QC experience to carry out the testing. Since our parent company is a precision optics manufacturer, we have extensive experience in making lens cells, lens holders and lens focusing mechanisms. Our products are presently being shipped all over the world including Europe and USA.

Main equipments

Equipment Name Quantity Tolerance Surface Finish Roughness
CNC Lathe 15 0.01mm 1.6
CNC Machining Center 2 0.005mm 1.6
Special plane 10 0.02mm 1.6
Screw Machine 5 0.02mm 1.6
Grinding machine 4 0.001mm 0.8
CNC Lathe 17 0.01mm 1.6
Grinding machine(No center) 14 0.005mm 0.8
Line incision machine 5 0.005mm 3.2
Automatic Lathe 20 0.02mm 1.6

Equipment Pictures

China Casting
 CNC Lathe

China CastingChina Casting
 Automatic Lathe                 Special plane
China Casting China CastingChina Casting
 Grinding machine(No center)        Line incision machine      Screw Machine

China CastingChina Casting
 Grinding machine     CNC Lathe

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Jingzhou City, Hubei Province on the 10th District City Road.
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