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 Factory :   Guangzhou Panyu New Precision Casting Factory
Year of Establishment:  1979           Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  6000tons/year
Material:   alloy iron, aluminum, stainless steel.
Main Products:  precision castings, precision non-standard machine parts.
the factory is a member of China casting association, the casting products are imported to USA, Japan and Europe.

Main Equipments

Equipment Name Quantity Tolerance Surface Finish Roughness
CNC Machining Center 3 0.005mm 0.8
The CNC for incision 2 0.02mm 1.6
CNC Machining Center 12 0.01mm 0.8
Grinding machine(curve) 2 0.01mm 0.8
Grinding machine(outer circle) 2 0.02mm 0.8
CNC milling machine 1 0.01mm 1.6
Grinding machine(plane) 1 0.002mm 0.8
Punch 10 0.03mm 3.2
Measured instrument(Three direction) 1    
Instrument of cast shadow 1    

Equipment Pictures
China CastingChina CastingChina Casting
 Measured instrument  Instrument of cast shadow     Punch
  (Three direction)
China CastingChina Casting
 CNC Lathe               CNC Lathe

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