Manufacturer Profile:
Factory Name:   FAW Foundry Co., Ltd
Year of Establishment:  1953           Quality System:  ISO9001 ,QS9000           Capacity:  20000tons/year
Material:   aluminum, alloy iron, stainless steel.
Main Products:    differential housing, motorola transmitter back cover, active cone gear adjustment gasket, active cone gear bearing seat assembly.
FAW Foundry Co., Ltd. Foundry Mould Plant is a professional factory attached to FAW. It is a large-scale intensive type of technique modern enterprise for foundry moulds and tooling manufacture. Its main products are various kinds of sand casting mould, die casting mould, gravity casting mould, hot forging mould, cold extrusion mould, investment casting mould, shell molding mould, lost foam casting mould and other tools. In the past 50 years, our plant has provided ten thousands set of high quality mould to more than 100 customers from China, USA, Canada, Germany and Italy. We introduced NC machining center, EDM, wire cutting machine, inspecting of coordinate measure machine and various advanced equipment from England, USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. We can design and produce the mould with CAD/CAM/CAE. FAW Foundry Mould Plant is also a fixed supplier of FAW for more than 50 products, such as series of differential housing and bearing seats assembly etc.

Machining Equipment:
Horizontal CNC Machining Center Coordinate Measuring Machine Vertical Machining Center NC Electric Faming Machine
EDM Slow-Fed Wire Cutting Machine EDM fast-Fed Wire Cutting Machine NC Gantry Machining Center Vertical Machining Center
NC Gantry Machining Center Vertical Machining Center NC Electric Forming Machine Vertical Machining Center

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No.153 DongFeng Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China.
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